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Our Objectives

The college has formulated its objectives in consonance with its vision. When these objectives are realized, the learner would acquire proper physical and mental growth, develop moral and ethical qualities and acquire teaching skills. The Institution has the following objectives to be attained through academic as well as administrative interventions.

  • To inculcate human, national, educational and spiritual values among the trainees.
  • To realize that each teacher- trainee develops a powerful and dynamic personality with optimum emotional intelligence.
  • To ensure the professional empowerment of the teacher trainees
  • To make teacher education accessible to the socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged.
  • To uphold the ideal of equality in education by wiping out discrimination.
  • To sensitize the trainees about environmental protection.
  • To provide personal and career guidance to teacher- trainees.
  • To help the teacher- trainees amply tuned to the emerging global trends and demands in education.
  • To provide extension services for the benefit of the community.
  • To help the teacher-trainees protect the interests and aspirations to our nation.